Author Topic: Greater Houston Hamfest 3/16-3/17 2018  (Read 1677 times)


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Greater Houston Hamfest 3/16-3/17 2018
« on: February 04, 2018, 09:27:31 pm »
Heads up!  The Houston Hamfest is happening out in Rosenberg in March!  Scribble it on your calendars and make a note of it on your big chief tablet...

I just got an email today from one of the organizers of the event...  They always hit me up early since we have been friends since way before their first show in 2002 as a new entity.  Replacing the old clubs that had disappeared on the ham radio landscape on this end of Texas over the years.

I've been going to this shindig as a kid since the 1970's.  Even though THIS group of folks started in 2002.  The old group was started by HARC - The old Houston Amateur Radio Club.  The highlight of the events were always the "Used Equipment Auction".  It was a fun time, a chance to get rid of some gear and find something new (or new to you).  Sure, they had a tailgate sale.  Sure they had classes and symposiums.  But everyone looked forward to the auction...

In 1974 I came home with a monster all tube military surplus LORAN receiver, for the stately sum of $5!  It weighed more than I did at the time and we had to borrow a dolly to wheel it out to dad's car - and talk a couple of big burly men to help us load it!  I was proud of my acquisition.  My dad had no idea what I was going to do with it...  I modified it and used it to listen to 160 meters on a 450 ft. loop of wire strung between buildings on our family farm in Brookshire for a few years.

Not bad for a kid who hadn't gotten into High school yet...  I remember it had a very distinctive smell to it when it was properly warmed up...  It was the first radio I had purchased on my own, modified and used on a regular basis...  It was much more sensitive than dad's Drake or Heathkit gear down on 160m.

I miss those auctions - they were a lot of fun and were thought of more as social events with a little twist of friendly fiduciary competition.

I am going to try to get four tables inside...  One of which may be for the club, if they decide to take the opportunity.

Come on down and don't leave your money at home!

Bill - N5MBM