Author Topic: May 12th 2018 Radios in the park - Jackson St. park in Brenham  (Read 3609 times)


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Just a reminder - the Radios in the Park even is coming up THIS weekend!

Let's make this interesting...

I was skimming through the latest dead tree smeared with soy based ink that recently arrived in my mailbox from the good people at the ARRL – The May issue of QST.  I came across page 94 and saw “Special event stations”.  Hmmm....  Interesting...

And I noticed that there were several special event stations operating on the 12th during the time we would be out in the park.  Three to be exact.  Two in Virginia and one in San Diego aboard the USS Midway.

(copied from QST)
May 12, 1600z-2030z, K5RC, Jamestown, VA. Williamsburg area amateur radio club, Jamestown Island Special Event, 14.265  7.265  QSL, k4rc PO box 1470, Williamsburg, VA 23187,

May 12, 1600z-2300z, NI6IW, San Diego CA. USS Midway Museum Ship, Operation Frequent Wind, 14.320  14.0407.250  14.070 PSK31; D-STAR on REF001C,  QSL USS Midway COMEDTRA, 901 N. Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA. 92101

May 12-May 20, 000z-2359z, K4GVA, King George VA. King George Amateur Radio Club, Caledon State Park 32nd Anniversary, 14.250  14.070  7.250  7.070  QSL, KGARO PO Box 73 King George VA. 22485,

I began thinking about a little friendly competition to make those contacts...

The basic rules being :
1) The contacts have to be made from our location, there in the park, during our operating time there, using antennas and gear we brought and setup.

2) The person who makes all three contacts, (or the most contacts, even if it is only one) walks home with a prize in their pocket. 

3) If multiple operators make all three of those contacts – the tiebreaker will be the guy who reached them on multiple bands they will be operating on.  If one of them managed two different bands, (or modes) they get it.

I am thinking a $20 buck gift card from Ace Hardware ought to be a nice prize unless someone has a better suggestion.

It at least gives us a goal!  And a little incentive...  What do you think?

Bill – N5MBM